Re: extropians "handshake" (was Re: Cyborg Dreams on Background Briefing)

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Sun Nov 04 2001 - 14:29:10 MST

Unfortunately, the carotid arteries do not supply all the blood to each respective hemisphere,
or so I am told by a reliable source. You'd only be anesthetizing part of the target hemisphere
if you did that. (Source: someone who has done neurosuspensions). But I understand the idea,
and something like it might still be possible. Quite a bit trickier, is all.

Spike Jones wrote:
> 1. Anders has described an experiment wherein a sedative is
> injected into the corotid artery, causing one of the brain's
> hemispheres to sleep while the other hemisphere is still
> awake. This experiment is done just for fun, however its
> potential is in having the patient make up a password with
> the one conscious hemisphere while the other is sleeping.
> Then presumably the entirely awake brain would be
> unable to recall the password, perhaps because of
> confusing signals passing over the corpus callosum. In
> theory, the password should be retrievable by resedating
> the one hemisphere. Then the password would be known
> by half a person. Truly the one left hand would not know
> what the right hand is doing.
> 2. Get a half-wit to make up the secret password, again
> accomplishing the above. Volunteers?
> 3. Get Eliezer to develop an AI which would think
> up a password and tell no one. So long as we do not
> know how to torture an AI, this scheme would work.
> 4. Keep the secret military style, with compartmented
> information. (Each person knows only a part of how to
> build a nuke, for instance. They get a little nervous
> when one ambitious person gets too many numbers on
> her badge.} Each extropian would get one ASCII
> character. The extropian password would be derived
> by putting the extropians in alphabetical order and
> each telling their one character. Then to insure secrecy,
> we would randomly choose an extropian and give him
> a frontal lobotomy. Freeze the severed frontal lobe,
> in case we discover the technology to retrieve the
> missing byte.
> spike

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