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Date: Sun Nov 04 2001 - 15:38:52 MST

> 4. Keep the secret military style, with compartmented
> information. (Each person knows only a part of how to
> build a nuke, for instance. They get a little nervous
> when one ambitious person gets too many numbers on
> her badge.} Each extropian would get one ASCII
> character. The extropian password would be derived
> by putting the extropians in alphabetical order and
> each telling their one character. Then to insure secrecy,
> we would randomly choose an extropian and give him
> a frontal lobotomy. Freeze the severed frontal lobe,
> in case we discover the technology to retrieve the
> missing byte.
> spike

My body-brain found this reference.


How to Share a Secret
Adi Shamir
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Communications of the ACM, 22, 612-613 (1979).

"In this paper we show how to divide data D into n pieces in such a way that
D is easily reconstructable from any k pieces, but even complete knowledge
of k - 1 pieces reveals absolutely no information about D. This technique
enables the construction of robust key management schemes or cryptographic
schemes that can function securely and reliably even when misfortunes
destroy half the pieces and security breaches expose all but one of the
remaining pieces..."

more at


It seems to be possible to make k = n in the
"share a quantum secret" problem.

Next step: implement the "no one knows the secret" condition.

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