Cards and Permits

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I couldn't have said it [much] better myself.

Daniel Ust

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Shawn asks whether National ID Cards, driver's licenses, etc. violate
rights. When investigating corruption, we are told to follow the money.
When investigating, or evaluating, a proposed government measure, we must
follow the force.

A compulsory national ID card would _require_ that a citizen (1) go to an
office and take all the necessary administrative steps to have the card
issued, and (2) carry the card about their person at all times. They would
be required to do this of course because there would be a threat of force
hanging over them if they did not comply. When a government demands an
explicit, positive action from citizens, and provides for coercive
punishment for those who are uncooperative, that government is initiating
force. There is no other force present, or crime committed, in this
scenario - only the government's. This applies equally to driver's licenses,
a license to do business, or a concealed carry permit. The government has no
right to _permit_ anything, for all is permitted in a free society, all
peaceful activity at least. In issuing a national ID card, the government is
basically issuing a permit to live - specifically, to live and conduct one's
daily business with slightly less harassment than those who do not have such
a card. But it is the government, not a human being, that should require a

Joe Duarte
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