Re: The other side of the story.

From: John Clark (
Date: Fri Oct 19 2001 - 22:48:56 MDT

Samantha Atkins <> Wrote:

>It also assumes that Muslims are required to assure you or
> that they should be worried about your opinion of them.

Muslims are as worried of my good opinion of them as I feel guilty when I turn
on my TV and see a big anti American demonstration of brainless morons
in Bumblefuk Ustinkalot.

> "If you want to assure me that you are one of the decent Americans then
> say the following simple words: "I oppose the unlimited war and the
> hypocrisy being proposed and implemented by the US administration in
> response to the events of 9/11."

Well, let me say the same thing in my own words:

I am one of the decent Americans because I want to die and make way for
the followers Mohammed I agree with Bin Lauden when he says " Our enemy,
the target -- if God gives Muslims the opportunity to do so -- is every American male"
and I, an American male, oppose all those who would try to stop him. I think Americans
like me should Apologize to Bin Lauden for him killing 6 thousand of us and then we
should just let him get on with killing the rest of us. It is morally wrong for Americans to
try to live so we should just roll over and die.

How's that, am I a decent American now?

               John K Clark

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