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<< Good point. If you can furnish me a reference to a statement by a
 Wahhabi cleric condemning the terrorist attacks of 9/11, I will
 rephrase my sig and post a retraction. >>

Few and far between. More often people like myself can find very recent
quotes of mulllahs excusing the lads on 9-11 for their 'sacrifices.'

<<Would it kill them to just condemn it and leave it at that
without using it as a platform to disseminate their views on Iraq and
Israel? Yes, Israelis are oppressing Palestinians and I'd vote to stop
them if I had the opportunity. Yes, we need to find a way to contain
or remove Hussein without harming civilians the way our current
sanctions are. But attaching these issues as a rider to 9/11...>>

For such an erudite group as the extropians, its a tad, bit, disconcerting,
to see them fall into world-views that are a bit simplistic. Not to adopt and
amoral, Nietzschian, politik; but rather then merely, say, the Palestininans
are "oppressed", it is better to acknowledge what is closer to the truth,
that they are both the victims and the aggressors. This can be indicated by
the politicians and guerilla movements they suport. The Israelis have been
less then circumscribe, in previous years, and decades, to intiating
possible, viable, peace deals. They are paying for that lack of independent,
engagement now.

<<<<1. ...rewards the perpetrators by promoting their stated agenda.

    2. ...diminishes the horror and senselessness of 6000 people being

    3. a petty, self-serving, and transparent stance that
       calls into question the sincerity of the supposed moderates
       that make such statements.>>>>

The primary reason for this the universal Islamic Universities policies of
blamming America for every ill the Islamic World has. This goes far beyond
the focus on Israel, and is chiefly focused on the fall of the United States.
These teachings are the primary intellectual and ideological direction in
Islamic nations such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt. These governements use this
mentality in order to relief anger at their own, local, deficiencies, with
unresponsive, autocratic, regimes.

What apparently is being taught is that America will soon fall. Bin Ladin's
philosophy has found a rich envrionment in which to thrive in. We need to
eliminate reliance of Middle eastern oil NOW!

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