Re: Anthrax addendum.

From: scerir (
Date: Sun Oct 14 2001 - 09:28:01 MDT

>> If you were a terrorist, and you had several kilos of stolen Russian
>> anthrax .....
> We have zero evidence that they have Biopreparat stuff stockpiled.

Numerous reports describing the recruitment of former
Soviet CBW specialists by Iran, Syria, and other countries
of proliferation concern, and the purchase or theft of
CBW-related materials and equipment by proliferant states
and terrorists, indicate that these potential threats have
begun to materialize.

The Nunn-Lugar program has taken some belated but useful
steps to stem the hemorrhage of CBW technology
and know-how from the FSU.

Even so, much remains to be done, particularly with respect
to halting the brain drain of former CW scientists and weaponeers,
upgrading the security of pathogen culture collections,
converting former CBW production facilities, and destroying the vast
CW stockpile that Russia inherited from the Soviet Union.


see also the Chemical & Biological Weapons Resource Page
and especially these pages

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