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Date: Sun Oct 14 2001 - 07:01:02 MDT

who needs anthrax?

from drudgereport:

TIME also has learned that the FBI's preventive efforts are focusing
increasingly on trucks as vehicles for terrorism. "U.S. roads are jammed
with bombs on wheels," writes TIME's John Cloud, "30,000 vehicles that
transport poisonous gas, toxic liquids, petroleum products and explosives."

Since drivers of rigs hauling dangerous loads must have both a commercial
driver's license and a hazardous material ("haz-mat") endorsement from a
state, FBI agents and other law enforcers have contacted or visited dozens
of the 600 truck-driving schools across the U.S., reports TIME's Michael
Weisskopf. They are seeking enrollment records going as far back as 1994.

"State officials say that a former employee of Careers in Trucking in
Henderson, Colo., has given the Denver FBI office a promising lead,"
according to TIME: "25 to 35 Arab men attended the school in small groups
over the past two years, the ex-employee says. Each student paid $3,400 in
cash for the 15-day programóand none sought job placement afterward. Because
none of the students spoke English, they were accompanied by an interpreter,
the same person for each group.

Arab students received a driverís license, sources say. (Itís not clear how
they passed the written test, which is in English.) Owner Charlie Tweedy
says FBI agents have examined his files and interviewed his employees. But
he denied that his company had taught non-English speakers."

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>Subject: Anthrax addendum.
>Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 23:03:48 -0400 (EDT)
>If you were a terrorist, and you had several kilos of stolen Russian
>anthrax those mean FBI guys wouldn't let you load onto a crop duster,
>what would you do with it? Besides the rather lame and labor-intensive
>approach of mailing it to various newspapers and television stations?
>Think carefully, the ass you save by predicting their next move may be
>your own.
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