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Samantha Atkins wrote:
> >
> > The U.S. Central Command maintains an armoured brigade of prepositioned
> > equipment at Camp Doha, Kuwait. An Army armored battalion rotates in
> > from Europe or the U.S. every three to four months, removes this
> > equipment and forward forward deploys to the border with Iraq. A second
> > prepositioning point is under construction in Qatar as we speak.
> >
> Thanks for the info. So do we have anything in Saudi Arabia?
> If not then what is bin Laden complaing about?

The USAF has a couple squadrons of F-15s and an AWACS squadron based in
Saudi Arabia. Britain also rotates Tornado squadrons in and out of the

Even if we left tommorrow, he'd have an excuse to continue to attack us:
we defiled the kingdom of the holy shrines once, we are forever enemies
of 'real' (i.e. fanatic) muslims everywhere, etc etc etc....

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