Re: Look backwards for safety

From: Michael M. Butler (
Date: Mon Oct 01 2001 - 14:07:53 MDT

I can't say I've reviewed the literature. I never read any of the recommendations I cite 'til asked
by you to back it up.

I _can_ say that, ceteris paribus, I get queasier sitting facing backwards on ground transportation,
and I have noticed this since long before _reading about it_; my original objection was based on
personal experience and hunch only. Of course, anecdotal info is no substitute for a government-
grant funded study. Hard to do a blind study on this, though.

I'd bet money, but why bother? :)


John Clark wrote:
> Michael M. Butler <> Wrote:
> > Motion sickness has a lot to do with all one's neurosystems agreeing that
> > all (or most) sensory (perceptive and proprioceptive) information is in agreement
> Yes I agree, so I can see how an airplane with no windows would increase motion
> sickness, but it's not obvious to me that just looking backwards would, Is this a theory
> or has anybody actually done experiments on this question?
> John K Clark

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