Re: An Integral Psychology + new book

From: Nicq MacDonald (
Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 19:25:04 MST

> I get a bit freaked reading books of myths and mysticism at how much of
> what is presented as miraculous in those works could be acheieved with
> sufficient technology. Sometimes I have the nagging suspicion that some
> of these myths and legends grew out of a memory of more advanced
> technology and capabilities that our distance forbears somehow had some
> run-in with. Wouldn't it be a hoot if it turned out that this very
> world is already chock full of something a level or two more complex
> than nanotech or that it is a complex VR and that it is only usably
> accessible to those "mystics" who get beyond their single-self ego
> boundaries enough not to be a huge danger to themselves and others if
> they could make use of some of its possibilities?
> Pure speculation to be sure.

I've been contemplating that very concept for five years now. In fact, it's
this concept that drew me to nanotech and Drexler's books in the first
place... it's all part of research I've been doing towards a novel I'm
planning to write early next year, once I leave college.

-Nicq MacDonald

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