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Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 15:59:30 MST wrote:
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> >>Substitute transcendent consciousnes (transcendent of current limitations
> continuously) for spirit if you will. Then tell me being xtropian is not
> profoundly spiritual. It is the ultimate triumph of spirit (consciousness)
> over limitations (all the way to the maximum tinkering in the works that may
> someday be possible. all the way to Omega Point perhaps).
> - samantha
> >>
> I totally agree with that. My point of contention is that the road to that
> ultimate triumph will be walked by rationalists, by scientists and engineers
> who will methodically map the path and then pave the ground and build the
> bridges that will lead us to that point. No mystic sitting in a mountaintop
> will do it.

Do you think all mystics are sitting on mountaintops though? Some of
the mystics ARE scientists and engineers.

> I believe that we will transcend the human condition, but this
> transcendence will come from first understanding and then improving said
> condition, and the tools for both will be your basic obersvation, theorizing
> and experimentation -- the simple method that has allowed us to control our
> environment instead of being controlled by it, and which now may allow us to
> side-step evolution and dicate our own advancement.

That will not be sufficient. There must also be a constructing of new
vision, of new worldviews beyond the reach of our current embedded
seeming limitations. The technology without changes in psychology and
sociology, without new dreams will not take us far enough.

> All IMHO, of course.

As in mine.

- samantha

p.s. Sorry for the late response. Catching up from holiday and flu

- samantha

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