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>>>I.e., how to get around the fact that women almost universally treat
>>>any interaction with them as a special privilege which should be paid
>>>for? Sometimes I wish that I lived in one the more natural cultures,
>>>like I've occasionally run into in rural Mexico, where women didn't
>>>craftilly measure every gram of emotion they allowed a man to see .

>>Did you really mean to say this?

>Why would I say it otherwise?

I thought that you might be having a bad day.

I strongly disagree with the above paragraph, and I wanted to make
sure that you meant what you wrote.

>Taken in context - or even by itself (note my cultural comparison), it
>is obvious that I am speaking about a particular culture - perhaps I
>should have been clearer that I am referring specifically to S. California.
>Discussion follows:
[..essay not shown here]

Your description of women in your essay doesn't resemble myself or the
women I know. Perhaps we are statistical outliers, but I doubt it.

You presented me with an essay filled with many more statements with
generalizations of women, generalizations that I strongly disagree
with. It's not helpful for you or me or anyone else to read an email
of page-after-page of my disagreements, so I won't write it.


BTW, Included in the different states and countries that I've lived, I
lived for 10 years (interm school, high school, college) in So. Calif,
and 14 years in No. Calif, so I know something about living in the
places that you described.

There are fluffy, superficial, stupid, money-unscrupulous people
everywhere, of *both* genders, one just needs to apply the proper
filters or else move when the environment isn't suitable. I didn't
like certain aspects of So. Calif also, when I lived there, but those
aspects were not the reasons that you stated.


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