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Date: Fri Nov 24 2000 - 09:07:14 MST

Existence exists, or it wouldn't.

scerir wrote:

> Skye wrote:
> ... there's no possible way to tell the difference
> between a reality which is reasonable and logical
> and self contained/consistent constructed as
> a necessity within an infinite scope of variety,
> and a world that exists because it is reasonable
> and self-consistent and follows the rules of
> formal reasoning.
> Something else mr. Berry (and sir Russell,
> and prof. Chaitin) cooked up.
> and also
> But "ex contradictione quodlibet" (ancient romans used
> to say) is also the essential principle of *paraconsistency*

Everything is basically real.

Mathematics is a very wide subject. I like to follow it because it
helps me understand how something would happen. I don't know much about
the intricacies of the regular polygons.

I have read some Russell and some other math books. I read the sci.math
and sci.logic groups sometimes to learn more.


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