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Date: Fri Nov 24 2000 - 09:52:37 MST

I thought iron atoms were mainly used by blood cells- by what chemical
process would they contribute to free radical formation in normal body cells?

Brian D Williams wrote:
> A few interesting facts from the book "Living To 100" by Dr Thomas
> T. Perls and Margery Hutter Silver.
> * after the age of 65, women outnumber men 3-1.
> * 85% of centenarians are women.
> Another interesting fact confirmed in this book is the very bad
> effects excess iron has on men. Iron ions are required for free
> radical formation. So once again it is confirmed that men should
> NOT take supplements containing iron, and the author suggests
> regular blood donations as a way to lessen the iron load for men,
> (I donate platelets bimonthly) apparently in a study such men have
> lower risk for iron related cardiac problems. (heart
> attacks/arteriosclerosis).
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