From: Randy Smith (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 11:44:15 MST

>Bill Gates could EASILY build and ship pre-fab housing to areas where
>needed, and greenhouses, hydroponics, what4ever is needed,

But those who already have houses would legislate against it. In fact, in
America, they already have, for much of the urban areas.

>but NOOO he would
>rather shell out 42 million for a custom built home. That makes me sick
>I hear about human suffering. If I had the money, you couldn't STOP me from
>doing something! Show the friggin aborigenes and rain forest tribes what
>rest of the world is up to... break everyone out of this mystical belief
>that "god" will make everything ok. That is such an irrational way of
>looking at the world it makes me sick. Instead of taking your family to
>church, how about doing something meaningful with them? Irrational fear of
>death and hell has hampered FAR too many people in this world. It is time
>for a real change. We do not live in the middle ages anymore. Instead of
>having faith in something you can't see, have faith in people... the here
>and now... hope... no... BELIEVE that the future will be bright and the
>motivation to help make it that way. We need to embrace our knowledge and
>discard the petty. Racisim, bigotry, hatred... we are all soooo far above
>that. What is the point in it except to waste valueable and useful
>(minds). We will never get there if we continue this self-destructive,
>ignorant, stupid, childish behavior. The time for humanity to grow up is
>overdue. Our governments have as much to do with this as do each of us
>individually. Look at the difference in military spending versus say,
>humanitarian programs or space exploration. We are focussing on the >WRONG

The problem is that most of human behavior, maybe almost all of it, is
actually, for the lack of a better phrase/word, "unconscious." I mean that
most behavior is really about gaining social status in order to better pass
along one's DNA. So it seems irrational (because we prefer to think of
ourselves as "in control"), but I think one can make a case for saying that
we are for the most part, tools of our DNA, meat puppets, if you will.

<rest of world-class rant snipped>

I agree with most of what you say -- they are unconscious, I think you said.
In fact, I don't know why the rest of the world isn't on a lifelong
drug-induced pleasure binge. They don't seem to care for radical life
extension. As far as I can tell, they have nothing to live for (oh, yeah,
their kids...see "meat puppets" above). They have, ultimately, only the void
at the end. At least we have a chance. That is my motivation.

So we must take control of our future. We must bend them to our will. Yeah,
big fat chance there, huh?

Perhaps, our views agree in that we feel that pure libertarianism is not
really our best tool to implement our views, our path to the future. You
mentioned killing all rest of them. Well, there goes that old social
contract, etc. But yes, they not only do not share our views, but are
inimical to them, in many ways. Ultimately, public relations -- propaganda
-- is our best tool, IMO.

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