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From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 11:48:41 MST

Ralph Lewis wrote:
> Discussion (academic) is not illegal at least so far in the United States.
> Neither is publication. The New World Order is really the Fourth Reich but
> we still have most of our free speech rights. Half of the TIHKAL book on on
> the political and legal issues.

I don't think thats a real concern. I think the concern is becoming
flagged by Echelon type systems, or if one is receiving their mail at
work or school, it impacting their job or academic career.

> Now in Australia it is different. Check out Chapter 23 "Who is John Jones?"
> in TIHKAL for an absurd example of censorship in a free society. Not that
> the CDA in the US isn't just as absurd.
> From:
> One evil empire down -- one to go!
> Although it looks like the debacle in Florida may speed matters up. Who
> could have any respect for the USA legal-political system after this.

Depends on whether the Chicago mob retirees are able to steal this one
too. Considering how most military ballots are being rejected in over a
dozen Florida counties, typically due to lack of postmarks (which are
not used by the military mail systems in many locations like Bosnia,
Kosovo, and on board ships) or voter information (like how many of us
have our Voter ID numbers memorized?), as well as the number of felons
(90%+ of whom are democrats) who illegally voted (one of whom is a poll
worker!), and the number of Bush votes that have been found in Gore
stacks, I would not be surprised if Gore pulled it off, even though Bush
has won every recount so far. Despite an overwhelming majority of
Americans saying Gore should concede, I don't think he's man enough to.
They know this administration will be a key one for the future of the
republic, and are pulling out all the stops to win it one way or
another. Gore also knows if he loses he is likely to come under
investigation from a GOP appointed Attorney General for fundraising
abuses. Being President and picking your own AG is the best kind of

Mike Lorrey

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