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Date: Sun Nov 19 2000 - 05:14:36 MST


>> I think that a 10-20 cent gas tax would be a very good idea.

>So do I. That would drop the price of gas 50-70 cents/gallon.

Taxing gas to help the enviroment is nonsense. It doesn't slow down the
consumption at all. Here in Denmark gas costs about $1.1 / litre. About $2.5
a gallon. And people don't drive less. They just have less cash.

Also the money doesn't go to help the enviroment at all. It just goes into
that big pile of money called tax-income and is then redistributed at will
by government.

If government really wanted to help the enviroment, they should pass a law
where the gas companies should clean the air of the CO2 that their gas

It would not be hard to calculate the ratio gas/biomass needed to convert
the CO2 to Oxygen etc. The free market would then take care of cleaning the

That way the gas companies would have to grow lots of forrests or pay
somebody to do it. Or they could change to Hydrogen if that was cheaper.

That would also give forresters money for a service they currently do for
free... cleaning the air.

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