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Date: Sat Nov 18 2000 - 13:55:59 MST

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>Big Deal versus Bigtime: When Billy or Gore bogarted

Bogarted? That word is a bit too klognee for my taste, I think you should
be a little bit more dyphysatory.

>and W'ya snorted; they were YOUNG MEN.

and the difference being .... By the way, if Sagan advocated political positions you
agreed with do you expect us to believe there is a snowball's chance in hell of you ever
raising this ridiculous issue?

> Regards defeating a Soviet Missile attack using 1980 technology, you jump to conclusion

Huh? What conclusion did I jump to?

>Now there were a few methods we might have tried and did not,

There are an infinite number of very expensive things we could have tried and absolutely
no evidence any of them are worth more than a bucket of warm spit.

>90% because the Politics changed we do not have a Balistic Missile Defense

You are wrong, it's 100% due to politics. If politicians insisted we have star wars then we'd have
the stupid white elephant, no doubt about it. However the reason we don't have an EFFECTIVE
missile defense is 100% due to technology.

>Will you also now say that we do not drive around on fuel cells
>or have a lunar colony "because the technology didn't work"?

Yes. The technology has not advanced enough for them to make economic sense.
There is no military or scientific reason for them to be worth doing either.

>Sagan had his biases

Yea, he thought human extinction wouldn't be much fun, what a weirdo.

     John K Clark

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