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From: Steve (
Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 20:11:50 MST

>1) Strip away limiting ideological garbage.

The notion that you "have limiting ideological garbage,"
or that if you do you can "strip it away," is itself part of this
ideological garbage.

>2) Understand your personal power.

Like boxing or wrestling ability?
Or do you have power to hold back the waves?

>3) Understand your environment.

And all of the other environments.

>4) Do.

What exactly?

>(What works for me: "You are a human on planet Earth, and you kick ass.
>There *is* a way. Do it now.")

>Others will disagree, but: reality is, after all, a game.

Yes, I could have just as easily agreed with all your above points ...
but even so, reality almost by definition is what "isn't" a game ...
games are microcosmical realities where the rules are agreed amongst the

> There are some rules you have to follow, but -many- you don't: try to
recognize all the
>rules that you or your society have manufactured that arbitrarily restrict
>your behaviour and start erasing them to your advantage.

Do you mean "Laws" here rather than rules .... yes we take a gamble
breaking Laws and must carefully weigh the consequences, penalties ...
in the broadest sense vs. rewards. I agree with Diogenes (the cynic)
who would occasionally masturbate in public to remind everyone of our basic

I advise that whatever you do it tries to improve upon the "human condition"
although maybe the biggest game of all is that we are "humans," ha! I gave
pretending to be human a long time ago.

Level Up

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