Re: Gematria, Cryptology, and Extropic Mysticism

Date: Sat Nov 18 2000 - 13:09:08 MST

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<< This assumes that it was the job or the duty of the U.S. to cause the
 collapse of the Soviet system. Though I agree that the result was
 beneficial, I question the obligation of U.S. citizens to pay whatever
 cost was required to get that result. I'll still be paying down that
 debt with my income taxes for years.
 As to the other experimental benefits, if we were interested in
 producing good science why not directly subsidize it?
 I think the government owes it to its citizens to restrict its defense
 expenditures to defense, and leave behind the imperial pretension >>
Ignoring the ganja issue for the nonce. I was in favor of getting the Soviets
to back-off. In Backing-off they realized there was no big bad outsider to
unite them so they collpased. An oversimplification I agree. If because of
your libertarian principles, you find this un-useful, so be it. It's one of
those things that are purely ideological, and I am not geared for those
arguments. Not my cup of borsht.
Respectfully, Yours, Comrade Spudnik

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