Re: Rationalism [was: Re: RANT]

Date: Fri Nov 17 2000 - 09:42:27 MST

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<< Substitute transcendent consciousnes (transcendent of current
 limitations continuously) for spirit if you will. Then tell me being
 extropian is not profoundly spiritual. It is the ultimate triumph of
 spirit (consciousness) over limitations (all the way to the maximum
 tinkering in the works that may someday be possible. all the way to
 Omega Point perhaps).
 - samantha >>
I'm think'in Tipler and Moravec would agree. Maybe also, with other
discoveries in physics, we will find matter and energy even easier to
mannipulate? Perhaps human descendents will be able to connect (if that is a
proper use of the word) with the Planck scale of the Universe? Mayhaps that
will provide a deeper understanding of nature and a metaphysical
trans-nature? Or we could all just go out for beers, either-or is fine by me.

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