Subject: RANT

From: Matthew Purdon (
Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 22:54:05 MST

I appreciated Scott's Rant. I have felt some of that before as well.

Here's my feelings these days. I'm human and I'll probably die human. If I
can accept that, I'll probably be happier. I will do what ever I can to
prolong my life, but there's no guarantee that I will make it long enough
for life-extension technologies to develop fully enough, let alone, have the
cash to pay for them when they initially emerge and only the rich can afford

That doesn't mean that I won't work towards realizing the post-human future.
It just means that I should enjoy the work that I'm doing and let go of the
results. If you're always living for the future, you'll never be happy.
Post-humans will be struggling to be post-post-human.

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