From: Matthew Purdon (
Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 22:54:05 MST

Sarfatti is also mentioned in RAW's Cosmic Trigger Vol. 1 and claims to have
written major portions of Gray Zukav's "Dancing Wu Li Masters". I contacted
him once and he blew me off. He was only interested in obtaining some
article where I had read his name and didn't know that it was published. He
is a close friend of Fred Alan Wolf and I think he hangs at Cafe Trieste
here in San Fran's North Beach.

I once heard Fred Alan Wolf speak. He was a sham. He had a cheesy
multimedia slideshow he used to tell us how he used physics to define the
soul. The worst part was that he used quantum physics and four dimensions.
So I asked him what about the other six dimensions that super string theory
mentions and it threw him for a loop because it didn't fit into his theory.
So he made a joke. I felt he was just in love with playing to an audience.

So, I'd ignore both of them for the most part.

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