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Date: Thu Nov 16 2000 - 13:15:07 MST

From: Max More <>

>When I'm talking about aerobic exercise, I'm not referring to
>girly-man low heart rate exercise. ;-) I'm talking about
>maintaining my heart rate at the upper end of the fitness training
>range. (Last night's 3 mile run quickly brought my heart rate up
>to 165, then it climbed to 170-180 for most of the workout. I use
>a Polar heart monitor--this is cool tech that lets you see your
>heart rate in real time on a watch or displayed on most


No kidding, outstanding numbers!

For everybody else, we're talking about training based on maximum
heart rate formulas, the formula:
220-age=maximum heart rate
220-age X 65%= start of training range.
220-age X 85%= top end of normal training range

For me it looks like this:
220-43=177 (100%)
220-43 X 65% = 115.05
220-43 X 85% = 150.45

These are the recommended training ranges ( for mere mortals ;) )

If I remember Max's age right (33?)
220-33=187 (100%)
220-33 x 65% = 121.55
220-33 x 85% = 158.95

Anything above 85% is anaerobic territory, ultra athletic range.

More info at

I've been eyeing a Polar for awhile now, what model did you pick?


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