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>Every day, we are bombarded with advertising, messages,
>and memetic influences that keep us enslaved to materialism. Why do I live
>such a self-destructive life that I can't seem to find a way to escape?
>Mainly because I'm a powerless, corporate pawn. I don't want the life that
>I have- but I know no way out, at least none that looks very appealing the
>minute I step out into the cold Minnesota air.

You may want to consider referring to your namesake,
Nicolaus von Koeln, who Had A Plan:

" They were asked by many people on whose
  advice or at whose urging they had set
  out upon this path. They were asked
  especially since only a few years ago
  many kings, a great many dukes, and
  innumerable people in powerful companies
  had gone there and had returned with
  the business unfinished. The present
  groups, morever, were still of tender
  years and were neither strong enough
  nor powerful enough to do anything."
"Everyone, therefore, accounted them
  foolish and imprudent for trying to
  do this. They briefly replied that
  they were equal to the Divine will
  in this matter and that, whatever
  God might wish to do with them, they
  would accept it willingly and with
  humble spirit. They thus made some
  little progress on their journey."

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