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From: Spike Jones (
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 21:03:21 MST

> Nicq MacDonald <> wrote:
> >
> > Every day, we are bombarded with advertising, messages,
> > and memetic influences that keep us enslaved to materialism.

Hey, everybody is enslaved to *something*. Materialism is a
good thing to be enslaved to: you get more and better stuff.

> >Why do I live
> > such a self-destructive life that I can't seem to find a way to escape?

Nicq man, we all feel that way sometimes. Depression is our
list's lowest common denominator. The sun will come out, if
you wait for it. It always does. If you are really in bad shape,
there are medications. Ask the guys!

> > Mainly because I'm a powerless, corporate pawn.

When you feel this way, just remember that the pawns dont
get pushed around any more than the other pieces. Hell, the
bishops and knights get it a lot more than the pawns do. And
pawns only get pushed five or six times before they get an

> > I don't want the life that I have- but I know no way out, at least none
> > that looks very appealing the minute I step out into the cold Minnesota air.

Ill tell ya a way out, bud: go to the airport, buy a ticket for Taxifornia,
come on out, join the party. There are lotsa greenies out here.
The government here is just as bad if not worse than Minnesota,
but at least the air is warmer. {8-]

Look around you, Nicq! Living in the 21st century is just too cool!
So make like Tigger: woo hooo woo hooo! If you're not having
fun, make a change! Do something else! Email me a resume,
we'll get you outta that funk. {8-] spike

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