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Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 19:13:24 MST

Apparently on Nov 12th Ralph Merkle was interviewed for the Dixon Report
Radio show, I can't seem to get it running from windows media player, but if
someone else knows how, please let me know.

The URL:

>From the site:
11:15 The Coming World of Nanotechnology: A revolution is in the works, one
you may not have heard about yet, and it's called nanotechnology. Join me as
I talk with one of the world's leading nanotechnology experts, Dr. Ralph
Merkle. Nanotechnology, also known as molecular manufacturing, is the
science of making electronics components microscopically small -- in fact,
nanotechnologists can arrange atoms to suit their fancy. Take this rare
opportunity to ramp up to speed in one of the most important emerging areas
of technology. Some of the ways nanotechnology is being used already will
floor you -- the military is using it in spy planes, (no surprise there) and
doctors are using it to cure the worst diseases. When it is adopted, it will
truly revolutionize manufacturing in this century. Dr. Merkle is the best
possible guest to talk with about this. In addition to his work with
nanotechnology, he co-invented public key cryptography and received the ACM
Kanellakis Award, the IEEE Kobayashi Award, and the 2000 RSA Award in
Mathematics. Dr. Merkle is a fellow at Zyvex Here's where you can find information about the
National Nanotechnology Initiative: And here's more nano

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