Re: About that rant...

From: Dave Sill (
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 08:26:15 MST

Corwyn J Alambar <> wrote:
> (a) What are we doing to extend both the quantity and quality of our lives?
> In this I mean - there's a lot of diet information out there, exercise,
> nutrition, supplements, etc. What of it works, and what's bunk? What
> are we all doing, colelctively and as individuals, to try and extend
> and enhance our own biological lives so that we are well enough to
> take advantage of the better life extension technology down the line?

90% of the benefits come from the first 10% of effort. Eat a balanced diet,
get sufficient exercise, see doctors/dentists as needed, avoid unnecessary
high-risk activities, don't smoke, drink in moderation, etc. The benefits of
one vitamin regime over another or one new antioxidant over another are
really insignificant.

> (b) What are we and can we do to benefit the movement out of the gravity
> well and into space?

Encourage overall economic growth and invest in space tech R&D.

> (c) People who are not economic libertarians have significant greivances; why
> aren't we addressing these?

Our goal is not to address everyone's grievances now, it's to work towards a
future scenario that addresses them.

> Who are we?


> What do we want?

Increased extropy.

> Why are we here?

To discuss our goal and ways to achieve it.


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