Re: About that rant....

From: Nicq MacDonald (
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 15:23:30 MST

> >Where are the threads on nutrition, etc.? I don't see them much,
> >but I would imagine this is one of the core things we can do, as
> >individuals today, to assure we live to see more of the future,
> >instead of waiting for some technological savior to come and
> >uplift us from our unhealthy lives.
> Threads on these subjects come up all the time, most of the time
> you don't see them because they've been discussed already. Just
> recently I posted about a book by CBS medical man Dr Bob Arnot for
> example. In fact I've dropped 10 hard-to-lose pounds so far
> following this strategy.

Everyone seems to be looking for a healthy way to lose weight... I'm looking
for a healthy way to put on 20-30 lbs...

> >(c) People who are not economic libertarians have significant
> >greivances; why aren't we addressing these?
> The purpose of this list is not to address the grievences of those
> who follow archaic ideas about economics.

Economic Libertarians have everything right. Please, spare me this one. I
suppose you also believe everything Ayn Rand ever wrote?

> >Things such as overseas labor conditions, personal sovereignty,
> >artificial scarcity in key needs (such as housing), environmental
> >degredation, and the oft-proven link between agrochemicals and
> >cancer are concerns raised again and again by those across the
> >political spectrum. These are not political concerns, but social
> >ones.
> Your welcome to go out and battle these windmills Don Quixote, but
> your unlikely to find a Sancho here....

Here I am!


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