Re: 137: Sheer blank-minded stupidity

From: Nicq MacDonald (
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 13:58:38 MST

> Hey, I'll bite. Kindly point me to any relevant web page, and I'll check
> out.

Hmm... I don't know of any web pages. The data that I have by the group is
in their new translation and study of the I Ching.

> I spent a good deal of my youth looking at the supernatural angle (the
> bit -- UFOs, Wicca, ESP). I've grown as disenchanted with it as I did with
> organized religion, and then religion in general. If I could believe in
> afterlife, I'd go for reincarnation, myself, since I'd rather live in this
> world than in any Heaven.

Heh... I skipped UFO's, Wicca, and ESP, and jumped straight into
Transpersonal Psychology, Chaos Magick, and Gaia Theory. As for afterlife,
that's not really what concerns me (all conceptions that I've created in my
mind of the afterlife are in a realm beyond words or labels... they're too
incomprehensible for such structures)- I'm more concerned with the nature of
human experience, the idea of myth, and theoretical levels of post-rational
cognition. In the year that has passed since I became involved with such
studies, I've had more than a few twists, turns, and strange experiences.

> Reality -- where the action is.

Sure, but what is reality? That's what we don't know...


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