Re: 137: Sheer blank-minded stupidity

Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 11:50:18 MST

In a message dated Wed, 15 Nov 2000 12:19:08 PM Eastern Standard Time, Nicq
MacDonald <> writes:

<< > Supernatural interpretations of phenomena are, IMHO, the result of the
human > mind's drive to find patterns in nature (even when they aren't real)
combined > with ignorance. They tend to fall apart whenever they are looked
at with a > critical eye backed with experimental evidence.

Look through some of the data and studies collected by the Jung Institute...
you may be suprised.

-Nicq >>

Hey, I'll bite. Kindly point me to any relevant web page, and I'll check it
I spent a good deal of my youth looking at the supernatural angle (the whole
bit -- UFOs, Wicca, ESP). I've grown as disenchanted with it as I did with
organized religion, and then religion in general. If I could believe in the
afterlife, I'd go for reincarnation, myself, since I'd rather live in this
world than in any Heaven.

Reality -- where the action is.


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