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From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 08:37:20 MST

Nicq MacDonald wrote:
> > > I'd disagree with that- to what end does the individual in question take
> > > astrology seriously? For what purpose? What practice? What do they do
> > > with it? I would never trust a doctor who made treatment assumptions
> based
> > > upon my sun sign, but an artist who uses it for inspiration is another
> > > matter entirely.
> >
> > Well, sure, but you can get the same inspiration by pouring differentcolor
> > paint in your toilet bowl and pulling the lever. Such is not a matter of
> > believing it as valid fact.
> That's the difference between a hermetic qabalist and a chaos mage... of
> course, many among the latter believe that truth is a matter of who creates
> it (which just brings us back to the Berkeley Refutation...)

Neither of which has anything to do with transhumanism or extropy.

> > Anyone who claims to be a green in any sense ought to be taken out in the
> > wilderness and dropped there naked. If they walk out after 6 months, I may
> begin
> > to take them seriously. 99% of them I doubt would make it. When you are
> freezin
> > your butt off, the motto no longer is 'you pack it in, you pack it out',
> it
> > becomes 'fuck it, burn it'. When your processed grain trailmix with exotic
> dried
> > fruits from four different continents runs out and you are reduced to
> eating
> > wild onions, asparagus, and acorns, you'll track down, jump, strangle,
> gut, cook
> > and eat any animal you come across, no questions asked.
> What does that have to do with the Green Party platform? Absolutely
> nothing.

It would be a nicely eye opening experience for the majority of alleged Greens,
who are little but disillusioned boyscouts and girlscouts who still think
Disney's Bambi is a true reflection of real nature, and still think that Marx
has any relevance whatsoever to today's world.

> Let's see... the Greens support equal redistribution of wealth, an increase
> in localization and community self-reliance, fighting for equal civil
> rights, better regulated international trade, the development of clean and
> sustainable sources of energy, the promotion of mass transit and
> neighborhoods constructed for pedestrians instead of cars, a woman's right
> to reproductive choice, the promotion of small scale organic agriculture
> over industrialized, chemical agriculture, Native American sovereignty, and
> waste reduction programs.

- equal distribution of wealth: i.e. confiscation of property by government
- localization and community self-reliance: communities can do whatever they
want so long as it complies with the Great Green Way.
- fighting for equal civil rights: i.e. 'OUR' minorities and special interest
groups (even women, who are a majority) get preferences in everything, and evil
while males have to pay for it all.
- the development of clean and sustainable sources of energy: except for solar
power satellites in orbit (where they would be most effective), hydropower
(cause its bad for the fishies), woodpower (cause it hurts the holy forest trees
and cute and fuzzy animals), windpower (when they are in sight of the homes of
our High Ranking Holy Green Warriors, or when there is the remotest chance a
cute and fuzzy bird will get caught in one), and nuclear power (fission, we
don't want any breeder reactors that would eliminate the waste problem, and
fusion is just encouraging those damn technologists).
- promotion of mass transit: which funnels taxpayer money into our Union allies
pockets and construction companies that donate to our Party coffers, never mind
that mass transit systems only work with communities above a given population
density, and that the average subway and/or rail system costs enough to provide
each new mass transit rider a new BMW every other year for 40 years.
- a woman's right to reproductive choice: i.e. a) heterosexual sex is rape b) a
man has choice for only 4-5 seconds during intercourse, but a woman has a choice
to kill a human being for 9 months, and c) a man has no right to demand either a
woman end a pregnancy or absolve the male of future financial responsibility.
Ergo: Equal protection under the law is dead.
- promotion of organic agriculture: We want to reduce productivity in
agriculture so the evil imperialist American phallocracy can no longer feed the
poor masses in the 3rd world who truly want a socialist revolution, only they
don't know it yet.
- waste reduction: I don't want a dump built in my back yard, and she doesn't
want one in her back yard, so instead of two dumps, we are going to cut our
trash per capita by half, and build only one dump, in her back yard, at the
point of a government gun, just so long as it isn't in my back yard.

> In other words, the future that I think most Greens envision is not one of
> wilderness survivalism, but one of a technological ecotopia reminiscent of
> the Earth seen on Star Trek... in other words, a progressive, holistic view
> in which we begin to focus on what is really important in life, instead of
> what corporations tell us, and where advanced technology intermingles with a
> clean, healthy planetary ecosystem.

"I think he had too much LDS in the 60's" - Captain Kirk

Mike Lorrey

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