Occultists, Greens, and other random thoughts...

From: Nicq MacDonald (namacdonald@stthomas.edu)
Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 22:28:34 MST

> > I'd disagree with that- to what end does the individual in question take
> > astrology seriously? For what purpose? What practice? What do they do
> > with it? I would never trust a doctor who made treatment assumptions
> > upon my sun sign, but an artist who uses it for inspiration is another
> > matter entirely.
> Well, sure, but you can get the same inspiration by pouring different
> paint in your toilet bowl and pulling the lever. Such is not a matter of
> believing it as valid fact.

That's the difference between a hermetic qabalist and a chaos mage... of
course, many among the latter believe that truth is a matter of who creates
it (which just brings us back to the Berkeley Refutation...)

> Anyone who claims to be a green in any sense ought to be taken out in the
> wilderness and dropped there naked. If they walk out after 6 months, I may
> to take them seriously. 99% of them I doubt would make it. When you are
> your butt off, the motto no longer is 'you pack it in, you pack it out',
> becomes 'fuck it, burn it'. When your processed grain trailmix with exotic
> fruits from four different continents runs out and you are reduced to
> wild onions, asparagus, and acorns, you'll track down, jump, strangle,
gut, cook
> and eat any animal you come across, no questions asked.

What does that have to do with the Green Party platform? Absolutely

Let's see... the Greens support equal redistribution of wealth, an increase
in localization and community self-reliance, fighting for equal civil
rights, better regulated international trade, the development of clean and
sustainable sources of energy, the promotion of mass transit and
neighborhoods constructed for pedestrians instead of cars, a woman's right
to reproductive choice, the promotion of small scale organic agriculture
over industrialized, chemical agriculture, Native American sovereignty, and
waste reduction programs.

In other words, the future that I think most Greens envision is not one of
wilderness survivalism, but one of a technological ecotopia reminiscent of
the Earth seen on Star Trek... in other words, a progressive, holistic view
in which we begin to focus on what is really important in life, instead of
what corporations tell us, and where advanced technology intermingles with a
clean, healthy planetary ecosystem.

> >
> > (I tried, for six months, to embrace Libertarianism. I just couldn't do
> > I'm far too compassionate (and I have too little faith in human nature)
> > it)
> Oddly, the worst atrocities on mankind were committed by people who had
> little faith in human nature. Trusting someone beyond reason is the only
way to
> achieve results beyond hope. Most people tend to live up to the standards
> expect of them. Think about it.
> Mike Lorrey

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