Re: HUMOR: Nation Plunges into Chaos

From: S.J. Van Sickle (
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 07:24:36 MST

On Wed, 15 Nov 2000, Technotranscendence wrote:

> On Tuesday, November 14, 2000 6:23 PM Eliezer S. Yudkowsky
> wrote:
> >


> > It really puts all the complaints into perspective, doesn't it?
> No. It does not. I'm _not_ complaining, but this is only parody -- i.e.,
> fiction. So, those who are complaining probably have real gripes. Imagined
> worse situations often do not impinge on real problems. I mean, if you had
> terminal cancer, would reading a story in _The Onion_ make your cancer go
> away or put it into perspective?

Yes, people have realy complaint, but the point that I think Eliezer is
making is that there are *many* countries in the world where this parody
would not be a parody, but real life.

And that *does* give a little perspective.

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