Re: Occultists, Greens, and other random thoughts....

From: Brian D Williams (
Date: Wed Nov 15 2000 - 07:27:44 MST

>From: Nicq MacDonald <>

>Let's see... the Greens support equal redistribution of wealth,

No thanks.

>an increase in localization and community self-reliance,

I support local business already.

>fighting for equal civil rights,

By what methods?

>better regulated international trade,

I'm getting one of Damien's creepy feelings

>the development of clean and sustainable sources of energy,

You can do this now, call REALGOODS.

>the promotion of mass transit and neighborhoods constructed for
>pedestrians instead of cars,

You can also do this now, I take mass transit, move to such a

>a woman's right to reproductive choice,

If they would quit trying to take away my Second Amendment rights,
this wouldn't be an issue.

>the promotion of small scale organic agriculture over
>industrialized, chemical agriculture,

Buy organic, I do.

>Native American sovereignty,


>and waste reduction programs.

Sensible people recycle.

>In other words, the future that I think most Greens envision is
>not one of wilderness survivalism, but one of a technological
>ecotopia reminiscent of the Earth seen on Star Trek... in other
>words, a progressive, holistic view in which we begin to focus on
>what is really important in life, instead of what corporations
>tell us, and where advanced technology intermingles with a clean,
>healthy planetary ecosystem.

Mentioning tech at a green meeting will get you keel-hauled. I
enjoyed the Ecotopia novels (Ernest Callenbach) except for the
ridiculous politics.

You can choose a healthy lifestyle under capitalism, it's just so
few people do.

>From: Nicq MacDonald <>

>Okay, I worded that one wrong. I'll quote this directly from
>their own material-

>"The Greens stand for a society in which wealth and power are
>distributed broadly among all the people rather than concentrated
>in the hands of a few."

>No, they do not believe in equal redistribution of wealth. I hope
>this corrects that notion.

It does not. Since wealth (or talent, ambition, work ethic, or
whatever) is not currently equally distributed just how exactly is
this to be achieved? (Don't even waste the time).


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