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Date: Tue Nov 14 2000 - 16:18:14 MST

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Samantha Atkins wrote:
> "Michael S. Lorrey" wrote:
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> > Adrian Tymes wrote:
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> > > "Michael S. Lorrey" wrote:
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> > A community is not an asset that belongs to you, and if its tyrannical,
it must
> > not be worth much, or else you must enjoy tyrannical communities. Make
up your
> > mind.
> A community can be prized for many different things. I prize living in
> Silicon Valley at the center of so much tech craze and with Foresight
> and so on down the street enough to put up with California stupidity and
> with ultra high costs, for now. The equation of what is and is not
> worth the cost is not simple.

Only if you are not decisive and do not know what is important to you. I
probably make lots of money living in Silicon Valley. You couldn't get me to
live anywhere in California for a million bucks.

You are most welcome to your opinion but you are not welcome to call those
who decide differently "indecisive" or to assume we don't know ourselves and
our needs as well as you know yourself.

<some snippage>

Currently we are seeing people whose Massachusetts welfare benefits have
are being told to move to NH, which has a limit of 5 years, though the
are lower. These people would rather move to get lower benefits than go to
and they seem to be able to afford the move as well. If they put as much
into working as they do into not working, they could make a decent wage.

The assertion that all who want work can find it and at a decent wage needs
some support. It is actually quite unlikely that especially the unskilled
will find work at a better wage than they can make on welfare.

- samantha

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