Re: Legal requirements -> technical requirements?

Date: Tue Nov 21 2000 - 16:07:24 MST

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> I wonder if it would be possible to come up with inexpensive, similar
> guards for illegal actions, where the problem is big enough that the
> methods currently used to prevent these actions (for instance, avoiding
> uniformed police at all costs in order to avoid police abuse) is far
> from inexpensive (many societal costs of people not trusting the police
> - whether the police earn that mistrust or not - are rather obvious,
> when looked at as such). If it becomes literally impossible to violate
> the law, then "enforcing" the law becomes moot. (Which would make the
> issue of making sure the law is just and fair even more important, but
> that's another topic...)

This is the basic idea behind "smart contracts", pioneered by extropian Nick

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