RE: Legal requirements -> technical requirements?

From: Samantha Atkins (
Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 19:00:52 MST

Michael Lorrey:

I'm with you there. I know I'm a law abiding citizen. I also typically am
I have nothing to fear legally from cops, so any action they take against me
by definition illegal action, and I am legally able (and justified) to
myself against such *felonious* criminal actions by police. Any jurisdiction
which would treat me any differently is, by definition, a tyranny. Insisting
living under tyranny implies the acceptance of that tyranny, if the means
ability to leave that tyranny exist. If you fear such tyranny, vote with
feet. If you don't, its like not voting: you don't get to complain.

So what state do you live in? Presumably one where concealed carry licenses
aren't nearly impossible to get as they are in California. Vermont is the
only state that seems to have reasonable respect for 2nd amendment. Even
then a lot of cops are so trigger happy they would probably shoot you if you
had a gun at all on you. It is getting that stupidly violent out there.
When the Feds can pull things like Waco, Ruby Ridge, decades of IRS
bullying, DEA and other confiscations, no-knock laws and so on the citizenry
has every reason to fear and distrust their government.

But you always get to complain for the simple reason that you have rights
that are being violated. There is no country on the face of this earth that
fully respects individual rights. There is no where to go to. So you
either complain or go into full armed revolt and get shot in nothing flat.
You can go underground or as free as you can within the best context you
can. Beyond that complain like hell and try to educate as many people as

- samantha

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