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Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 09:18:47 MST

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>)2000 by United Press International

>James C. Bennett


>I would hold that this election demonstrated, rather, the
>usefulness of the Electoral College. The razor-thin popular vote
>balance is converted into a definitive victory. If we were
>electing the President by a popular vote, we might be finding
>ourselves facing a nationwide recount that could take weeks, and
>accompanied by lawsuits in dozens of jurisdictions arguing that
>this or that practice or action invalidated
>the entire vote. Under this system we know that only
>Floridas vote is worth re-examining.

This is in error, the vote in a number of states was close enough
to warrant a recount. The reason it's only taking place in Florida
is because Florida has a law insisting on a recount if the vote is
within a certain percentage.

Look for other states to pass such laws.

The Gore camp didn't like the results of the recount (because they
still lost) hence the current situation.


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