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Date: Mon Nov 13 2000 - 00:51:23 MST

On Sun, 5 Nov 2000, Spike Jones wrote:
>> I read an article in the medical news a few months ago about a young
>> woman who had her ovaries removed. They cut the ovaries into strips
>> and took them out with a minimal incision. At a later date she wanted to
>> conceive and had the ovaries thawed, sewed back together and reimplanted.

What was the conclusion here: was this a bogus report or not?

If true, I wonder why frozen ovaries and frozen embryos are viable
with today's technology, but frozen eggs are not ??

I know I've mentioned the topic of freezing eggs on the list before.
I can't think of a single issue more important to a woman in her
20's and 30's who is very actively persuing her interests and
finding she's successful, but can't find the time to raise a child.

If you have not thought about this before, here are some
ramifications of freezing eggs as a way to postpone child-bearing.

Young 20ish-age couples who postponed starting a family now have
more money and more time to devote to their careers. A large number
of women who have one goal in mind- their careers- will be flooding
the marketplace. Companies catering to egg donors start a thriving
industry (another niche for Alcor, perhaps?). Businesses will now
have to accomodate older, more established, employees in their 40's
as they begin their new families. These same companies will find
that their younger employees are now more educated than they were
before. Congresscritters will pass new laws to try to get their
hands on the money being made in the new markets that spring up.
Women wanting the old traditional role will create a backlash
against those who want to freeze their eggs. I see the social
ramifications as greater than that caused by women's birth control


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