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> Altho it appears as a national embarrassment, the outcome of this election
> perhaps is the most optimal for libertarians and extropians. It will
> the need for ditching antiquated technologies in favor of newer and more
> workable ones. Furthermore it stresses the need for better human/machine
> interfaces. Thirdly, regardless of who wins the office, that candidate now
> will be essentially a lame duck for four years, which should emphasize the
> fact that our country *does not need* a person leading us in order to
> prosper. Are not all three of these notions libertarian and extropian?
> spike

I think that voting should be done via the internet using some type of crypto

I'm well pleased with the way this election has turned fact the
longer it drags on the happier I am.

On the face of it the fiasco make our government look to be the fool that it
is. Trust in government declines... (or at the very least...doubt
increases.) Which is fine by me.

No matter who wins you say.....the winner is a lame duck.

It gets better......last I heard there were razor thin margins of majority in
both houses. Perhaps the Republicans lead in the senate by one...and in the
house by six? (of course......your milage may vary according to the latest
news media "projection" and state recount)

That means that we''re looking at four years of gridlock. I love it. In my
opinion the onliest thang that government can do is detrimental to my
happiness and well being. If government is locked up...they can't hurt me as

And it gets better yet....

It appears to me that the national news media has serious egg on it's face....

Perhaps....just perhaps.....people might learn to think for themselves just a
liiiiiiiiitle bit as a result of this mess?

WildWood Florida

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