Piracetam and Smart Drugs

From: stdnt428@hampshire.edu
Date: Fri Nov 10 2000 - 13:24:34 MST

Hi All!!

I've taken Piracetam many times over the past six years, and have been
very happy with it. I attribute many improvements in my life, from a
wealth of friends, to job promotions, to successful projects to it's use.
The only problem I've noticed is that for me results are not noticable
until I have taken at least 800mg/day for a full month. This is
disapointing if I have stopped taking it for any long period of time,
becasue it takes a long time to kick in. After several years of on and off
use I discovered that 1600mg/day yeilded optimal results, but that it
still required a full month before a strong effect is noticable. I always
accompany Piracetam with 200mg/day of Twinlabs brand DMAE.

I have also tried Vasopressin, which has an immediate effect, but which I
found more useful for fun than for productivity.

I would encourage all of you who are tying Piracetam to take it for a
month before determing the results. I've looked quite closely at primary
literature on Piracetam, (there is a lot of it, and some of it is very
well done) and it seems to indicate that there is a long period of time
needed for optimal results to show.

The most interesting thing I've seen in the research on Piracetam, is that
it protects against different events which usually produce brain damage,
such as hypoxia. I suggest looking at the abstracts available at

More, Smarter, Now!!!

- Eric

On Wed, 8 Nov 2000, Leonardo Gonzalez wrote:

> I've really enjoyed Pramiracetam. I've found it more effective than
> Piracetam. I haven't tried combining it with Hydergine, but will do so
> soon. Supposedly, there is a synergistic effect from using both.
> Leonardo Gonzalez
> Extropian Technologies
> magos@extropian.net
> http://extropian.net
> On Wed, 8 Nov 2000, Jason Joel Thompson wrote:
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> > > We haven't had a discussion on smart drugs in a while. Has anyone come
> > > across anything that really works and is not well known?
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> > Or even, for those of us who are not currently active users, something that
> > really works and IS well known?
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