Extropian Job Bank

From: stdnt428@hampshire.edu
Date: Fri Nov 10 2000 - 13:12:45 MST

Hi Everyone,

I work as a contract Site Marketing and Content Manager for various
internet companies, and am starting to discover that what I'd really like
to do is help build a company from about 5 people into a full-fledged
innovative and profitable dot com.

As a consultant, I'm always putting together teams for companies of
writers, web designers, and other specialists.

Since a lot of us on this list are involved in various start-ups, I
thought we might make known some of the projects we are involved in as a
networking tool. In addition to possibly helping other Extropians grow
their careers, sometimes I've discovered ways to further Extropian causes.
For example, I've helped some Extropainistic (though not Extropians)
thinkers get valuable publicity, and comissioned some articles on life
extension help topics.

- Eric

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