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Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 16:10:51 MST

Do you think it is flawed to maximize the "power" of the voters in each

Brian D Williams wrote:
> From: "S.J. Van Sickle" <>
> >>Brian D Williams wrote:
> >> It might eliminate the extremely obnoxious press coverage on
> >> election night where they were calling the election hours before
> >> before polls had closed.
> >I don't know about your other points, Brian, but on this one I
> >have actual experience. I worked the AP election "war room" in
> >New Orleans for 15 years worth of elections. Strict popular vote
> >would make it *much* easier to "call" an election early. We would
> >compare vote totals with historical voting patterns; with only a
> >popular vote it could probably be "called" after only 2 or 3 key
> >eastern states closed.
> If the patterns were the same everywhere, maybe AS easy I'll grant.
> Here's another point, it doesn't matter how many people vote, so
> long as you get the most votes in a state. Theoretically one person
> voting in Calif (only one) could give a candidate 56 electoral
> votes. A handfull in key states could successfully oppose millions
> to 1 odds.
> Actually the systems flaws speak for themselves, the guy who got
> less votes may actually win.
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