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Date: Thu Nov 09 2000 - 15:17:14 MST

                Monsieur de Lapalisse (de la Palice)
                                 at cond-mat
                              "The Applause"

We report on a series of measurements aimed to characterize the development
and the dynamics of the rhythmic applause in concert halls. Our results
demonstrate that while this process shares many characteristics of other
systems that are known to synchronize, it also has features that are
unexpected and unaccounted for in many other systems. In particular, we find
that the mechanism lying at the heart of the synchronization process is the
period doubling of the clapping rhythm. The characteristic interplay between
synchronized and unsynchronized regimes during the applause is the result of
*a frustration* in the systems. All results are understandable in the
framework of the Kuramoto model.

We discuss in detail a human scale example of the synchronization
phenomenon, namely the dynamics of the rhythmic applause. After a detailed
experimental investigation, we describe the phenomenon with an approach
based on the classical Kuramoto model. Computer simulations based on the
theoretical assumptions, reproduce perfectly the observed dynamics. We argue
that *a frustration* present in the system is responsible for the
*interesting* interplay between synchronized and unsynchronized regimes.
[And the political meaning of this interplay]

The famous "vérités" of Monsieur de la Palice have a real historical basis.
The history of James II of Chabannes who dedicated his life to his king,
was made Marshal of France by Francis 1st, and died in 1525 in Pavie
during a battle against the Italians. The most famous popular lament told
by his troops on their way back from Italy was the following :

                    Alas, La Palice is dead
                    He died before Pavie
                    Alas, if he was not dead
                    He would still be envied

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