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>The site is very much in its infancy at present (low-tech and
not much content yet), but I felt it was necessary to start spreading
extropian memes in Italian (given the total lack of extropian/tranhumanist
resources in that language). The idea is to start from the basics,
by making available in Italian some of the introductory documents
available on the web on the subjects of extropy, transhumanism,
nanotechnology, cryonics, the singularity, etc.<

Allora. This is a bit startling to read. Although I applaud
your efforts and I think it is wonderful that you have taken
on the task of spreading memes alla Italy, prego - do it with
precision and a dash of panache.

Extropians and Extropic Art were recently featured in a leading
Italian magazine. Perhaps you missed this? I posted it to this
list just a few weeks ago, I believe. This is important and
you should reference this article because it was a cover story
with excellent journalism. I wouldn't be surprised if this story
gets picked up by other Italian periodicals.

Also, it seems strange to me that you emphasize the WTA FAQ which
has some flaws and inconsistencies which I don't believe have
been corrected yet. Someone should have explained this to you.
 Also, I checked out your links and no where do you mention any
of our Web sites that pertain the Arts and Culture, the Transhumanist
Statement (re culture) or the Extropic Art Manifesto. Oh my,
and you want to appeal to Italians?

In that Italy is known for its arts and culture, it would seem
to me that one way to spread extropic memes would be to encourage
creative thinking in the cultural arena. This is not to discount
or place less emphasis on technology and science, but when too
much emphasis is place on the latter an imbalance occurs that
is neither helpful to our culture nor our goals.

If you want to get the history of transhuman ideas accurately,
and I trust you do, then please refer to my book which is easy
to read and translate. If you need assistance, please write
to me privately.

My suggestion to you clearly reference our culture from an inclusive
perspective and transhuman history (which I can provide) or which
ExI is also working on.

Thank you,

Natasha Vita-More

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