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Date: Wed Nov 08 2000 - 10:14:35 MST

Scerir wrote:
>extropy [estropia] is spreading also in

Well spotted Scerir !!

The site is very much in its infancy at present (low-tech and not much
content yet), but I felt it was necessary to start spreading extropian memes
in Italian (given the total lack of extropian/tranhumanist resources in that
language). The idea is to start from the basics, by making available in
Italian some of the introductory documents available on the web on the
subjects of extropy, transhumanism, nanotechnology, cryonics, the
singularity, etc.

I have just added to the site the WTA’s transhumanist declaration and am now
working on their FAQ which is a good introduction to the the whole area as
it covers many aspects of transhumanism and connected technologies. I
intend, of course, to translate the Extropian Principles, as soon as

Are there any other Italian speakers on the list that might be willing to
help in my translation effort ? Otherwise, there is so much available that
even concentrating on the basics could take me months…


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