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Date: Tue Nov 07 2000 - 12:25:47 MST

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>I think also that Nader is helping too, by making low-polling
third party candidates more credible. He is a well known figure
and probably the most attractive ideologically for many in the
media, plus his "spoiler" role in some states has helped him
get coverage. Given that Browne and
Buchanan are not that far below Nader (1% to his 5% or so), the
light cast on Nader gets reflected on the others somewhat.<

I'm impressed by Nader's firm stance - it's a fine strategy for
the future elections, however I disagree with much of his platform.
 I have watched this party make headway over the past years,
and it does shed an associative light on others who are up against
the mighty 2-party players.

The Greens have become well organized and determined. Nader
is a visible figure and his voice is respected if not for content,
then certianly for longevity. He has a couple of tireless workers,
such as Michael Finstein, who gets on television at every chance
possible. Where the Greens have grown from their inhouse termoil,
they seems to have put a jump-start on their organization and
media presence.


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