Re: Optimal Eating (Herbivors and Veganing)

From: Dave Sill (
Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 11:31:15 MST

Michael S Lorrey <> wrote:
> > >
> > > Where then is the wheat, rice, and barley syrup?
> >
> > All of those exist, they're just much more expensive to produce than corn
> > syrup.
> Why is that, if they are so similar?

Well, this is not my area of expertise, so I can't say for sure. Certainly
one reason is that corn is cheaper than wheat, rice, and barley. I wouldn't
be suprised if the Gov't subsidizes corn processing, too. By now, economies
of scale are a factor.

> > No, it's not. Corn syrup isn't produced by tapping cornstalks and ears and
> > boiling the sap. It's produced by chemically converting the starches to
> > sugars, a process known as refining. For more information, see:
> >
> >
> This page does nothing to detail the carbohydrate content versus other grains. I
> suspect there are significant differences.

I looked for a while on the web for any breakdown of the carbohydrates in
corn or other cereal grains and I couldn't find anything.

> > Cereal is sweetened. You can't blame that on the corn.
> Sweetened with corn syrup, right?

No, usually sucrose. But what does it matter? Breakfast cereal isn't the
same as cracked corn.


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