Re: If you_are_going to Front Sight

From: Michael S. Lorrey (
Date: Tue Oct 31 2000 - 10:28:06 MST

you have to sign up for it, as one thing I definitely try to keep out is spam,
so non-member submissions are no-nos. You can join, but set your profile so you
don't have to receive the messages by mail (individually or in daily digest
form), you can just browse the site and post/respond there as you see fit. I
want the list to fit the needs of its users. If you are paranoid about privacy,
you can keep your personal profile private, and I think even hide your email
addy from everyone but me and the moderators. wrote:
> In a message dated 10/31/00 6:58:45 AM Pacific Standard Time,
> writes: << Russell, Most of the serious gun discussions
> have moved to the exi-
> list, you may wish to join us. There is a rousing
> discussion on the legal battle for the 2nd Amendment going on right now. >>
> Russell,
> Can you give me a little more help on that site?
> I tried and struck out. Is that group restricted to those that become
> members?
> Ron h.

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